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Immediate dentures

Immediate Dentures are available for those who have decided to extract their remaining natural teeth. Immediate dentures are constructed before your remaining teeth are extracted and are inserted by the dentist after your last tooth is extracted.


The denturist will do their best to make sure the relationship of your jaw is as close to your natural teeth as possible and the new teeth size, shape, colour are correct. However, because supporting tissue and bone changes are unpredictable at extraction time there is no guarantee on the final outcome. In rare cases a new denture may be required.


During the first 24 hours after tooth extractions and immediate denture placement, it is critical that you do not remove the denture until you see your denturist. Premature removal of the immediate denture could make its re-insertion difficult because of the swelling of the oral tissues. The pain from the trauma of extractions will not be eliminated by removal of the dentures. A soft food and liquid diet is also encouraged for the first 24 hours. Please follow all dentist recommended care for antibiotics and pain management.


Regular Maintenance, Temporary Liners and Relines


For immediate dentures, regular maintenance for the first year is critical. It is necessary for your Denturist to make adjustments to your dentures, add temporary liners to refit your dentures while your gums heal and resorb. At approximately twelve months the Denturist will remove the temporary liner and replace it with a permanent reline.