first month

First Month with dentures

Perseverance and your effort is key to success. Millions of people wear dentures successfully.

Week 1-2: You may feel a fullness of mouth, extra saliva flow and a little difficulty swallowing and speaking. If you have sore spots, you should return to your Denturist for proper adjustment.

Week 3-4: You are still learning to talk and eat with dentures. Generally, lower denture is more hard to adjust, but more you wear dentures, more quickly you will adjust. 

Eating with denture

Eating with dentures

At first, you may taste less flavor from foods and feel difficult to chewing.

Begin by eating small pieces and soft foods by chewing equally on both sides of the mouth. Do not bite food with front teeth as this may dislodge the denture. As you gain more experience with dentures, try eating more chewy foods. Denture adhesives help your dentures stay in place and make them more secure, especially for lower denture. 

improve speaking

Speaking with dentures

You may need to practice pronouncing certain words, but reading out loud and repeating troublesome words helps.

Practice will train the tongue and lips and your speech will correct itself in a short time.

Denture Cleaning

Denture Cleaning

Use a soft brush and a denture cleaner to clean your denture.

Rinse your dentures with water thoroughly to remove food particles.
Soak or apply a denture cleaning agent to a moistened denture and brush it.
Rinse dentures with water to remove traces of cleaning agent and use them.