Denture Cleaning


     Denture Maintenance


Denture Maintenance

Removing Dentures from your mouth
Dentures need to be removed from the mouth for six to eight hours each day to give the mouth a chance to rest. Remember to clean and massage your gums with a clean washcloth, or a soft bristled toothbrush. Brush your tongue too. This removes plaque and will increase circulation.


Your dentures are made with high quality acrylic and need to be maintained regularly. In time, your dentures will lose their smooth shiny finish due to scrubbing them with a denture brush or by the very nature of the foods we eat. Once this smooth surface is gone, stains and plaque will be harder to remove. You should return to your Denturist to have your dentures polished approximately every six months.


You will also find that stains and calculus will adhere to the surfaces of the denture generally around the neck of the teeth. Daily cleaning with a soft brush and a professional denture cleaner will assist in keeping your dentures clean and comfortable.

Your mouth is an environment that contains many oral structures like glands and ducts. To ensure that you are in good oral health it is necessary to return to your Denturist for an examination every year. The Denturist will examine your denture for wear and fit and complete an oral examination.


As a rule of thumb, you should establish the following routine: